From left to right; Cheryl Parent, Judy Scannell and Frank Brucatto.

She gave the club an overview to the club about the achievements of the Methuen schools, and the accomplishments of the students from Methuen and their academics. The Methuen school system currently has a successful partnership with Tufts School, UMass, Salem State College, Merrimack College and NECO.

She also talked about the success of their adult programs such as GED and ESL. This program was also awarded by Governor Deval Patrick, as one of the best adult programs in the State. A total of 111 students from 28 different nations went through this program last year.

The Methuen School system is comprised of approximately 7200 students and over 900 staff members.

Mrs. Scannell’sl father, Tom Sabbagh, was also a guest at our club on Friday. Mr. Sabbagh happens to also be a past President of our club some years ago. It was an honor to have both of them joining us.