The Methuen Rotary Club awarded the Methuen YMCA proceeds from the 7th Annual Bocce Tournament that was held in November.  These funds will be used to send Methuen children to Camp Otter this coming summer .  Pic. Ryan McVann Exec. Dir. Methuen YMCA  & Julie Brady , AVP The Savings Bank & Rotary President

Methuen Rotary Club held it's 7th  Annual Bocce Tournament back in the fall of 2019. We wanted to help a Methuen organization so, Rotary partnered with the Methuen YMCA.   The funds are being used to send Methuen kids to Camp Otter this coming summer.  The children will be chosen from the program at Methuen Arlington Neighborhood Inc.  We are so happy that we were able to help not one, but two great organizations that do wonderful things in our community.
Pic: Rotarian,  Ryan McVann, Exec. Dir Methuen YMCA  and Rotary President, Julie Brady, AVP The Savings Bank